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Dropboxifixer Documentation


  • Simply download the Dropboxifier executable and run it. There is no installation procedure.

Recommended Procedure

  • Download the latest version of Dropboxifier.exe from Codeplex (this site!).
  • Place Dropboxifier.exe inside of your root Dropbox folder, which is, by default C:\Users\<>\Documents\My Dropbox\
    • Now Dropboxifier.exe will be synced automatically across all Dropbox-linked PCs, and running and updating Dropboxifier is easy!
  • Make a subdirectory inside your Dropbox folder for Dropboxifier to work with. For example, \My Dropbox\Links or \My Dropbox\Games
  • Run Dropboxifier. Point Dropboxifier's "Dropbox Folder" to the new folder you created above. You will be prompted to create a links file. Click yes.
  • Start Dropboxifying folders!
    • WARNING: it is recommended to always make a backup before Dropboxifying. You can simply make a copy of the folder from the folder dialog before selecting a folder for dropboxification.
  • On your second, third, or 100th PC, open Dropboxifier from your Dropbox folder. Select any red links that you want to resolve on this computer.
  • With red link(s) selected, click the "Resolve..." button. You will be prompted for a resolve mode. 
    • For the most convenient resolution method, use "Merge." If any files share the same name the file with the latest write time will be used. 
      • WARNING: if you have autosaves that typically have the same file name, you may wish to be careful if you use this technique. Files with the same name but older modified dates will be lost.
    • If you want to be sure to never lose data, use "Overwrite." This will overwrite the contents of Dropbox with the files from the selected directory. You can always recover files from your Dropbox home, but it's a more manual process.
    • If you want to throw away whatever files the current computer has, use "Delete and Link." 
      • WARNING: this will delete the contents of the selected folder and is unrecoverable unless you use some special undelete software, but even then it's risky. Do not use if you don't want to lose any data!
  • Continue Dropboxifying and resolving.
  • Periodically check for new versions released on Dropboxifier @ Codeplex. To install a new version, just overwrite the Dropboxifier.exe inside of your Dropbox root with the new version.

Common Issues

  • Dropboxifier does not start.
  • The source folder gets moved, but symbolic link does not get created.
    • Try running Dropboxifier in administrator mode. Right-click on Dropboxifier.exe and select "Run as administrator."
    • If administrator mode solves the problem, you can permanently set it to run in this mode by right-clicking on the executable, selecting properties, and going into the Compatibility tab and checking "Run this program as an administrator." 

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